Phthalate Ester Dispersions for Vinyl, Plastisol, Screening, and Oil Base Adhesive and Sealant Back

PX-1004 Lightfast Yellow

PX-1009 Process Yellow

PX-1014 Red Shade Yellow

PX-1024 Yellow Oxide

PX-1032 Green Shade Yellow

PX-1034-D Linen White

PX-1037 Light Fast Yellow

PX-1039 Yellow

PX-1040 Red Shade Yellow

PX-1041 Yellow

PX-1042 Red Shade Yellow Oxide

PX-1043 Yellow

PX-11002 (YS) Fluorescent Orange

PX-11003 (RS) Fluorescent Orange

PX-2000 (RS) Orange

PX-2003 Lightfast Orange

PX-2005 (YS) Orange

PX-2006 Lead Free Orange

PX-2010 Orange Dispersion

PX-2010-D Orange Dispersion

PX-2012 (YS) Orange

PX-2015 Lead Free Orange

PX-2016 Lead Free Orange

PX-2017 Lead Free Orange

PX-2021 HP (RS) Orange

PX-3000 High Performance Red

PX-3001 High Performance Red

PX-3002 High Performance Red

PX-3004 Process Magenta

PX-3006 (BS) Red

PX-3006-D (BS) Red

PX-3007 (YS) Red Plastisol Colorant

PX-3008 (BS) Plastisol Red

PX-3008-C (BS) Red

PX-3010 FDA Red

PX-3011 High Performance Red

PX-3012 Roof Red

PX-3013 FDA Red

PX-3014 FDA Red

PX-3015 FDA Red

PX-3016 Red Oxide

PX-3017 Transparent Red

PX-3018 Transparent Red

PX-3019 Lightfast (BS) Red

PX-3019 (BS) Red

PX-3019-D Liner Red

PX-3020 Liner Red

PX-3021 Liner Red

PX-3022 (YS) Red

PX-3022-D (YS) Red

PX-3023 (BS) Red Oxide

PX-3024 H.P. (BS) Red

PX-3025-D Gujarat Red

PX-3026 (BS) Red

PX-3028 QA Red

PX-3029 (YS) Red

PX-3030 Permanent (YS) Red

PX-3032 QA Magenta

PX-3033 FDA Red

PX-4000 FDA Violet

PX-4001 Plastisol Purple

PX-4001-D Plastisol Purple

PX-4002 Carbazole Violet

PX-4003 QA Violet (BS)

PX-4003-C QA Violet (BS)

PX-5005 (RS) Phthalo Blue

PX-5005 (RS) Phthalo Blue

PX-5007 (RS) Blue

PX-5008 (GS) Phthalo Blue

PX-5009 Loes Blue

PX-5010 (BS) Quinacridone Violet

PX-5010-D Quinacridone Violet

PX-5012 FDA Blue for Plastisol

PX-5013 Dark Blue

PX-5014 Dark Blue

PX-5015 Liner Blue

PX-5016 (RS) Phthalo Blue

PX-5017 (GS) Urethane Blue

PX-5018 (GS) Urethane Blue

PX-5021 (RS) Phthalo Blue

PX-5021 (RS) Blue

PX-5023 (GS) Blue

PX-5025 Ultramarine Blue

PX-5026 Ultra Marine Blue

PX-6001 (BS) Green

PX-6002 FDA Green

PX-6003 Custom Green

PX-6005 Pittsfield Green

PX-6006 FDA Green

PX-6007 (YS) Green

PX-6007-D (YS) Green

PX-6008 Army Green

PX-6009 Dark Green

PX-6010 Dark Green

PX-6011 Liner Green

PX-6012 (X-YS) Green

PX-6013 Green  (# 201)

PX-7000 Brown Paste

PX-7001 Brown Colorant

PX-7001 Brown for PVC Plastisol

PX-7002 Brown for PVC Plastisol

PX-7003 FDA Brown

PX-7004 Trostel Brown

PX-7005 (Revised)  Trostel Brown

PX-7006 Stellana Brown

PX-7007-C Umber Brown

PX-7007-D Rootbeer Brown

PX-7008-C Umber Brown

PX-7009 (YS) Brown

PX-7010 (BS) Brown

PX-7011 Dark Brown

PX-7011 Plastisol Brown

PX-7013 Card Board Brown

PX-7014 Brown

PX-8001 White Dispersion

PX-8002 Cement Gray

PX-8004 FDA White

PX-8004-C FDA White

PX-8005 Bright White

PX-8006 Limestone Gray

PX-8007 Liner Gray

PX-8010 Tinting White

PX-8011 Charcoal Liner

PX-8012 Light Gray

PX-8013 Medium Gray

PX-8014 Crestliner Gray

PX-8018 FDA White

PX-8019 427 C Gray

PX-8020 (RS) Gray

PX-9008 High Strength, Black Paste

PX-9010 High Color Black

PX-9010-C Black Paste

PX-9011 Plastisol Black

PX-9011-C High Strength Black

PX-9011-D Urethane Black

PX-9011-MD Pre-Color Black

PX-9011-X High Strength Black

PX-9012 FDA Black

PX-9013 Conductive Black

PX-9014 PVC Black

PX-9015 Plastisol Black

PX-9015 Black

PX-9016 Black

PX-9017 Conductive Black

PX-9018 Black

PX-9019 Liner Black

PX-9020 Non Phthalate Black

PX-9021 Conductive Black

PX-9022 High Color Black

PX-9023 Plastisol Black

PX-9024-D Plastisol Black

PX-9026 Carbon Black Dispersion

PX-9027 High Strength Black

PX-9028 Urethane Black

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